Showcasing the environment

This is what it is all about

cane toad field day

Improving the environment underpins all Hands on Nature activities as we aim to leave this planet in a better way than we found it. That's a big call but with hope, education and care this is what we strive for.

If we all make one small change or commitment each month our collective efforts can controbute to real change. Contact is if you would like some inspiration or have an idea for a project we could work on for you.

Showcasing communication

Communication is the key to real change

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The majority of work Hands on Nature does involves educational communication - a critical comoponent of any environmental project or goal. We pride ourselves on being highly skilled at converting your core message into something that will be consumable and effective for your target audience.

Hands on Nature are able to develop communications for your business in a multitude of formats including web, print, verbal or electronic. We are also able to advise on the most suitable communication style and even develop instructional or educational resources for your project.

Showcasing education

Real behaviour change comes through education

environmental education

Hands on Nature understands telling someone to care for the earth and all of it's creatures will not bring about lasting change, if any. We design effective, engaging and creative educational activities that help students to discover why it is important to care the environment.

Jessica is a qualified and highly experienced K-6 teacher while Sharon has qualifications, experience and works in the vocatioanl education sector.

Showcasing innovation

Our skills also include educational technology

educational technology specialists

Sharon is an educational technology specialist that is at the forefront of new and emerging technologies. We are able to incorporate the latest technologies into your program design and also utilise learning technologies to deliver our environmental education messages.